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Praise poems, plant studies, and business plans

What’s happening at school this week?

Despite high winds and blistering cold, we've had a lively and engaged week here at The Village School. We've been working on the D.D.C. (Dairy Delivery Cart. Nothing to do with Democrats. Or public health policy, thank goodness.) and have been making good progress. Only one day left after today, and I'm hoping we can have it at least mostly functional and take it for a test drive. Aside from building the actual cart, a good amount of time has gone into designing the dairy delivery business model. With a little bit of guidance, and using the skills they've been practicing in our Kid's Council on Mondays, the kids have been hashing out pricing structure, delivery schedules, and what to do if the cart breaks down in the middle of a delivery (carry a toolkit and spare parts along with the cart, of course!). Interest in the actual physical project has waxed and wained, and the logistical meetings have at times seemed like more of an excuse to cozy up by the fire, but as cold as it was on Tuesday I felt no need to argue that point.

Building the cart...

and building the business!

I could say more, I'm sure, but so much of my energy these days is going into getting things lined up for our next session that I think I'll let the kids speak for themselves in their own words.

Firstly, I'd love to share this letter that Forest Bosley wrote us from his family vacation:

And now, a small selection of works from our creative writing and nature journals. Behold, the young geniuses of Earthaven!

"Quail Poem" by Stone

"Untitled" by Irsa

Rhododendron Study by Max

Trash Can Story, Chapter 1 by Max

Plant Observations by Oakley

Plant Drawing by Meira

Praise Poem, author unknown

I hope you enjoyed these glimpses into the inner workings of these fabulously creative kids! Starting next month, I will be doing a monthly digest of this kind of thing, excerpts from the children's journals, and the occasional picture or even video. There's nothing quite like seeing the kids thoughts in their own handwriting! This monthly digest would go out to Patrons only, so if you'd like to receive it go ahead and sign up with a monthly donation.

How can you support the school?

Come tell us a story!

Our next unit will be on adulthood, coming into our gifts and finding our unique path of service in the world. If there is a story bubbling in you about your life path so far and the work that has called to you, please get in touch and we'll make a time for you to share it!

Donate money or leaps

Donations are always welcome, in any amount. Financial support is needed in order to ensure that the program remains affordable to all of our hardworking families here at Earthaven. Donating is easy and satisfying! Consider signing up as a patron with a monthly donation, as this predictable income is especially valuable in supporting the financial health of the school.

Share our fundraising appeal, and this blog

Forwarding the recent email I sent to the social list to your friends and family is a great way to help out with our fundraising efforts. And sharing this blog helps more people to learn about what we're doing and want to get involved.

What are we reading at school this week?

The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton

Mr. Hinton was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1985, and finally released in 2015 after 30 years on Alabama's death row. His memoir is moving story of personal strength and resilience in the face of unimaginable hardship, as well as a searing expose of the persistent realities of racism and injustice in the so called "justice system". We didn't read the book at school (I read it in a few days of binge reading), but I told the story of Mr. Hinton's life, and today we watched this short video of him telling his story in his own words.

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