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Kids’ Council 05.24.2021

The Village School

May 24th, 2021

Forest Garden


Kids- Irsa, Forest, Ramona, Oakley, Gaia, Stone, Luca, Meira, Luuk, Max, Willow

Adults- Gabo, Griffin (minutes)

Agenda (60 minutes)

05- Meditation

05- Announcements

05- Task Review


20-Garden bed landwalk

15-Guardian plant work party

10-Mulberry Madness sponsorship


  • Stone convinced Irsa she likes fishing

  • Baby Bird is learning to fly

  • Excited to go to Cherokee

  • Chicks are well


  • Max and Luuk to ask Carmen if chicks’ disease is contagious- in process

  • Irsa and Forest to be official chick watchers for today- done

  • Irsa to talk to Liz about work trade for chicken feed- in process

  • Stone and Luca research about strawberries- in process

  • Stone to talk to Eli about amending soil in strawberry patch- done, some details, but can’t remember

Garden Bed Landwalk

Bruce visiting as representative of FG stewards

  • 4 stakes marking the proposed garden beds,

  • why: close to water stand pipe, less PI, soil test- jar shake test,

  • Mostly full sun, a pear tree may be a concern

  • What to plant - grow a short season corn- parching corn

  • Why it may not be a good spot - maybe some shade from pear and mulberry tree, soil is not super healthy, need to build organic matter, if growing hungry plants, want to bring in compost and wood chips, encourages no tilling

  • What if this year we just build the soil for a garden next year?

    • Can grow a cover crop, keep the current plants and just mow, if wanting to cover crop need mow it all or burn and then sow cover crop (takes a lot more work) or till it, or mow and then put down black plastic to kill all existing plants.

  • Don’t know if we’ll be here next year.

  • In summary, no objections, some concerns and desires about the space.

  • Less excitement for growing a garden, no one is 100%, more excitement for amending the soil. Some people need more time to decide, and there will be more time to clarify at another time.

Guardian Plant Work Party

Guardian plant aka Poison Ivy

  • Comes in where humans have disturbed the landscape, and keeps people out of a space while rehabilitation can happen.

  • Good thing it pulls out easily and stays out.

  • Lots in the Forest Garden, growing in strawberry patch and in other beds

  • Proposal for a P.I. pulling party - almost everyone is willing and there’s some concerns.

  • Folks who aren’t willing to pull PI can contribute in other ways by bringing supplies, and drinks and snacks. Willow is excited about that, Irsa too.

  • How to let the community know there will be a work party?

    • Parents read minutes. Kids tell people at coffee hour and potluck. Make flyers that say there will be fun surprises and say spread the word. Not just a work party an actual party.

  • At the work party, how to make it more party-like:

    • balloons, paper airplanes, music - Zev and his Band Jo, Sam and Sage plays guitar, Courtney and Lena play flute (willl be away), Ramona to play fiddle, Joe and Brandon and Jason can play hand pan drum

  • Choosing a date, make a flyer, plan for snacks and beverages, courting folks to play music

  • Date potentials - June 7, 10:10-1’ish

  • Flyer makers - decide at project time

  • Snacks and Beverages - decide at project time

  • Courting people for music - Stone and Oakley to court Zev, Irsa to court Sage, Meira to court Sam to court Brandon

Mulberry Madness Sponsorship

Workshop with Zev and Justin Holt, Sunday 10-2pm $45-$75

  • Scholarship (Geoff Stone has offered to pay for a student to attend on behalf of the class)

  • Whoever gets the scholarship will need to take notes and be attentive to report back to school

Thoughts and feelings about the offer:

  • Whoever goes should take notes, needs to be a speedy writer, I want to go!

  • I don’t want to go, not a speedy writer, want to go to eat the mulberry treats

  • agree for a good note taker, want to go and also support another going

  • want to go to eat the treats, don’t want to take notes

  • agree for a speedy note taker, think it’s disrespectful to go just to eat

  • agree, and don’t want to go because i’m horrible at writing fast

  • agree about disrespectful to go just to eat, sorta want to go

  • support someone taking notes and presenting to the school, encourage us to choose someone with a long attention span

  • nominate Luca

  • I want to go, and nominate Luca because he represents all the needs

  • nominate Luca- he’s very attentive

  • agree

  • passe

  • passe

  • nominate Luca because he can write fast

  • pass

  • sorta wants to nominate Luca, but sometimes he says he’s listening but he actually isn’t listening. He is a good writer.

  • passe

  • agree to nominate Luca for all the reasons spoken and also want to go

  • Luca, how much do you want to go?

    • I really want to go and also want to make space for another to go, not attached.

  • Is anyone having hard feelings about not being nominated? (child question, not facilitator)

    • I feel a little bummed

    • I think Luca may feel on the spot with all the attention

    • I feel a tiny bit disappointed but not too bad

Agreed to send Luca with the scholarship!

In the Box:

  • Bell agreements

  • Hut Hamlet playground

  • Bike workshop

  • Human powered school shuttle

  • Nature museum

  • Dairy delivery cart 2.0

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