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The Village School

Planting seeds and building soil for a regenerative human future

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It takes a village to raise a Village School...

Your financial support allows us to offer scholarships for families who can't afford tuition. Our families are hard at work building the village, and your support makes it possible for us to ensure that our program remains affordable to them. Thank you so, so much!

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A warm welcome for Professor Fussypants

Good morning friends of The Village School! It's looking like another hot summer day, with the chickens squawking lazily in the distance,...

The importance of free play

It's bright and sunny this morning, after yesterday’s dramatic thunderstorm and several days of foggy, muggy wetness. The light is...

When the spell starts to break

As I sit in my sit spot on the outer edge of the forest garden, the soft grey clouds filter the sunlight until it becomes almost liquid,...

Kids’ Council 06.07.2021

Kids’ Council 06.07.2021 The Village School June 7th, 2021 Forest Garden Present Kids - Stone, Irsa, Forest, Ramona, Luca, Gaia, Max,...

Kids’ Council 05.24.2021

The Village School May 24th, 2021 Forest Garden Present Kids- Irsa, Forest, Ramona, Oakley, Gaia, Stone, Luca, Meira, Luuk, Max, Willow...

A breath of fresh air

Something dramatic happened to the air yesterday. Walking along a familiar path through the woods, I found myself looking around at the...

Kids' Council Minutes 05.17.2021

The Village School May 17th, 2021 Forest Garden Present Kids: Irsa, Forest, Gaia, Luca, Luuk, Max, Meira, Ramona, Stone, Willow Adults-...

Kids' Council Minutes 05.03.2021

Kids’ Council 05.03.2021 Village School May 3rd, 2021 Forest Garden Present Kids: Meira, Luca, Oakley, Willow, Stone, Forest, Ramona,...

Kids' Council Minutes 05.10.21

Kids’ Council 2021.05.10 Village School 2021.05.10 Forest Garden Present Kids-Alok (late), Forest, Gaia, Luca, Luuk, Max, Meira, Oakley...

All eyes on me

We have a new friend at school: our very own school guitar!

Amazing Grace

Today was filled with moments like this, unexpected blessings, without effort, unearned, the very definition of grace.

In defense of Mystery

If I told you, it would no longer be a mystery. It would become a fact. Facts are bright and shiny, with sharp edges, like little jewels.

Welcome to our new campus!

A core part of my vision for the school is that it grows out of the place where it's located...

Closing the Container

The first ever session of The Village School, this six month exploration of birth, death, and everything in between, is coming to an end.

A Moment of Grace

There was a particular moment today, however, that I want to unpack, mostly to understand it better myself...

On Giving and Receiving

The warm weather has brought a pleasant ease to the school, along with the transition from the heady design work we've been doing...

The February Blues

Well, its officially February, and the freezing sleet and grey skies are here to prove it. It's like this every year, ain't it, honey?

The far-off land of Adulthood

What's Happening at School this Week? After a couple of bright and beautiful days, a brief preview of spring's promised riches, we're...

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